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Purpose: An ALTA/ACSM survey combines a
boundary survey and topographic survey into a
finished product in the form of a map showing the
relationship between the boundary of the property
involved and all of the improvements on the
property. The ALTA/ACSM survey is principally
used for developed commercial property and is
examined by buyers and lenders who are
concerned that the buildings, parking areas, and
other improvements are located correctly. The
ALTA (American Land Title Association) and the
ACSM (American Congress of Surveying and
Mapping) collaborated to develop the minimum
standards and optional items for ALTA/ACSM

Everything necessary for a boundary
survey is required for an ALTA/ACSM survey
except for setting final monuments which may or
may not be requested by the client. Additionally,
most of the ingredients of a topographic survey are
required for an ALTA/ACSM survey.

In addition to the standard requirements which are
always included in an ALTA/ACSM survey there
are optional items that the client may ask for when
he requests a proposal.

A title company will be enlisted by the client to
insure the property and will base its insurance on
what is shown on the ALTA/ACSM survey. Legal
counsel will also often be involved to review the
ALTA/ACSM survey map and provide assistance
to the client and lender.

Wilson Land Surveys Inc. Serving San Jose and Santa Clara County (408)-847-7607

Wilson Land Surveys, Inc.
261 Carlton Court Los Gatos, CA 95032
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