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Purpose: To determine and mark the location of
real property boundaries.

Why do I need a boundary survey?
Before constructing improvements such as
buildings, roads or fences, a boundary survey
will ensure that these improvements are built on
the correct parcel of land and in the appropriate
location if required by an agency. Also, in the event
of a boundary dispute between neighbors, the
survey will clearly show our professional opinion
which is guaranteed to be defensible in a court of

    A. Research

        1. Procure grant deed which includes a legal
            description of the property
        2. Acquire maps that are referred to in the
            legal description
        3. Acquire related maps, documents, records

    B. Reconnaissance

        1. Search for all existing monuments
            pertaining to the legal description

        2. Establish location for control points which
            will be used for measurements

    C. Measurement

        1. Using measurement tools (GPS, Total   
            Station, pocket tape), establish horizontal
            coordinates for all found monuments
    D. Calculation

        1. Using appropriate legal methods, calculate
            horizontal coordinates of all points to be

    E. Set Monuments

        1. From previous control points, set
            monuments at corners or angle points of
            property boundary
        2. Set line stakes at required or optional
            intervals along boundary lines.
    F. Mapping and Recording

        1. Prepare a map of the survey showing
            monuments found, calculations made,
            monuments set, and length & direction of
            all boundary lines
        2. Submit map to county/city as required for
        3. Make necessary corrections
        4. Return original for recording

Wilson Land Surveys Inc. Serving San Jose and Santa Clara County (408)-847-7607

Wilson Land Surveys, Inc.
261 Carlton Court Los Gatos, CA 95032
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