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Boundary Survey-This type of survey determines the
boundaries of a particular parcel. Permanent monuments are
set at all corners of the property and line stakes are usually set
at appropriate intervals between the corners as needed.

CAD-Computer Aided Design or Drafting. (Wilson Land
Surveys, Inc. uses Autocad).

Checking-When a map is prepared for recording, state law
requires that the city or county checks the map with
compliance with proper land surveying practice. This
process can take several weeks depending on the
workload of the county or city involved.
Control Points-These points are used by the surveyor to
measure from. They are not a corner or line point of the

Coordinates-A coordinate provides the surveyor with
the position of the point he is dealing with. All points on the site
have a coordinate value assigned to it.

Corrections-After the City or County checks the map, they
will return it to the surveyor with a list of corrections. After
these corrections are made, the signed original map is referred
to the City of County.

Data Collector-A calculator that stores
the measurement data for the survey. It also serves as a field
computer to assist the surveyor to do his work.

GPS-Global Positioning System. Using satellite signals, GPS
receivers are able to provide surveyors with precise
measurements. The only limitations are the trees and
structures that block or obscure the satellite signals.

Grant Deed-A document that is used to grant or convey
property from one person(s) or entity to another. This
document is filed at the County Recorder's Office.

Legal Description-A set of words used to describe a
distinct parcel of land. New legal descriptions must be prepared
by a licensed land surveyor.

Line Stakes-These are usually wooden or metal stakes, usually
not tagged with a license number and set to delineate a property

Map of the Survey-Whenever a boundary survey is done, a map
is usually required to be prepared and filed. A corner record is
used for simpler projects. A record of survey is required in certain
instances. There is an additional fee required for the checking and
filing of a map by the City or County. A corner record is mandated
by the state to cost $10. Individual counties set the cost for
checking a record of survey which can varyfrom $100 to $1000
or more. Subdivision maps (final maps and parcel maps) are
checked and filed by the controlling jurisdiction. Fees for those
maps are also required.

Maps-Previously recorded and unrecorded maps are consulted by
the surveyor before going to the project site.
Monuments-A physical representation of a property corner. New
monuments are usually iron pipe, rebar, concrete, or brass and
include the license number of the surveyor who set them. In the past,
many types of monuments were set including rock mounds, trees,

Record Location-Using two or more found monuments, the rest of
the boundary of the property can be shown in its record location by
calculation. These lines are then shown on the map as the record
location. To ascertain their exact location, a complete boundary survey
needs to be done.

Total Station-An instrument used by surveyors for
measurement. It allows the surveyor to measure angles and distances
using infrared or laser technology.

Wilson Land Surveys Inc. Serving San Jose and Santa Clara County (408)-847-7607

Wilson Land Surveys, Inc.
261 Carlton Court Los Gatos, CA 95032
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