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Purpose: The process of subdividing property is
governed by state law and local ordinances. We
provide an important part in this process and often
take the lead. We can also provide our services
to other professionals who may act as the agent for
the subdivider.


    A. Feasibility Study

        1. This process examines the feasibility of a
            subdivision for the parcel in question. In
            order to qualify as a site that could be
            subdivided, there are certain requirements
            that must be met. Before spending
            unnecessary time and funds on a project
            that may go nowhere, we make sure there
            is a reasonable chance that the project may
            proceed to its completion.

    B. Topographic Survey (see link)
    C. Boundary Survey (see link)

    D. Tentative Map

        1. A map of the proposed subdivision is
            prepared from the topographic and
            boundary survey.
        2. A title report is acquired which describes
            the property and lists easements of record
            which are plotted on the tentative map.
        3. Preliminary engineering may be required
            showing proposed grading and
        4. Other professionals may be required to
            address environmental concerns such as
            endangered species, wetlands,
            archeological fields, historical elements,
            sound, biology, traffic, etc.
        5. An application is prepared and the project
            is submitted to the governing agency for

    E. Review and Approval By City or County

        1, The governing agency reviews the
            application and determines if additional
            information is needed.
        2. The governing agency will schedule a
            hearing for the proposed subdivision, and
            will either approve it with conditions or
            deny the request.
    F. Final Map Prepared

        1. A final map is prepared showing the
            proposed subdivision. The map will be
            signed by the owners of the property.
        2. Any conditions of approval must be
            completed before the final map can be
            approved and recorded. These conditions
            may include:
                a. Improvements such as:
                    i. street and utility construction
                    ii. lot grading
                    iii. offsite improvements
                b. Fees such as:
                    i. map and plan checking fees
                    ii. park fees
                    iii. drainage, planning fees etc.
                c. Agreements, Bonds, etc.

    G. Construction staking
        1. If improvements are required, we provide
            construction staking for the engineering
            contractors who will be constructing the

    H. Final Monuments
        1. The final lot corner and street centerline
            monuments must be set.

    I. Final Map Approval

        1. After all conditions of approval have been
            met and the final map is approved, it is
            taken to the recorder's office by the           
            governing agency.

Wilson Land Surveys Inc. Serving San Jose and Santa Clara County (408)-847-7607

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