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Purpose: Using a topographic map, a designer will
prepare his drawings. The topo map provides the
designer with lines of the property, the location of
buildings, streets, curbs, sidewalks, visible utilities,
trees, and any other feature. Contour lines and spot
elevations are provided showing the way the land
slopes and drains. A topo is required by a City or
County before a permit to build can be issued.

Definition: A map that shows the existing
conditions and features of a parcel of land.


    A. Introduction
        1. A topographic survey (topo) is usually
        done in conjunction with a boundary survey.
        Sometimes the boundary survey is limited in
        nature, providing just enough information to
        determine a record location of the boundary.
    B. Field Procedure
        1. A benchmark is used to establish the
        2. Using a variety of methods (GPS, Total
        Station, Photogrammetry. Scanning, Laser),
        shots are taken on the property and/or
        structures to establish their location. The
        information is stored electronically in a data
        3. Office procedure: The information, in the
        form of coordinates, is downloaded to a
        computer where a draftsperson will convert
        it into a drawing using a CAD program.
        4. Delivery: The topographic map is then
        delivered electronically to a designer who
        will then use the map to prepare his work.

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